Functional Test bench

Functional Test bench

The functional test is a type of test that aims to test the real behavior of the product while trying to approach its functioning conditions. As any product is specific by its unique purpose and its specific design, each product needs its own functional tester so that it could be tested at the validation step of the manufacturing process. Therefore, as for the in-circuit test, the functional test incorporates both hardware (mechanical and electrical) and software expertise. So, the functional test benches meet the requirements needed for testing and full checking the real functionality of the tested product as assembled PCBs or subsystem integrated products.

We Provide

We provide turnkey functional testing solutions to our customers, basing on their specifications documents, for testing a wide range of products such as assembled electronic Printed Circuit Boards or Integrated products and systems

Documents needed for quotation

  • Specifications document (STI/ CDC)
  • Mechanical CAD
  • BOM : Bill Of Materials (For PCBs)
  • Schematics/Electrical CAD
  • Product 3D Representation(Step File)
  • Pictures